Water supply

The water supply of Shymkent is produced from spring underground sources (Tassay-Aksu and Badam-Sairam deposits, Kyzyl-Tu spring). The length of the water supply networks  - 1764.7 km that covers 82% of the population of the city.

Heat supply

Shymkent is provided with centralized (40%) and decentralized heat supply systems dispersed throughout the city (60%). The city has a developed system of heat networks in the area where the largest heat sources are located.


The need of Shymkent for electricity in the summer is 70–85 MW, in the winter - 80–135 MW, the city does not experience a shortage of electricity. The main sources of electricity are: JSC " 3-Energoortalyk " (21%), OJSC " Zhambyl GRES " (42 & nbsp;%), LLP " Ekibastuz GRES-1 " (33%) and JSC Shardarinsk HPP ” (4%). The length of the power lines is 1,956 km.

Gas supply

The length of the gas pipeline networks ; - 1596.1 km coverage of the population by gas supply - 80.5%.


In Shymkent, there is a & nbsp; international airport , Train Station.

The network of highways and streets in Shymkent  is one of the longest in Kazakhstan, the total length of which before the accession of new territories was 1034 km; with regard to the connected lands, the total length of all roads in the city is 2810 km.

Shymkent is one of the busiest cities in Kazakhstan.

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