Road transport and roads

Length of roads: 2,810 km.

The network of roads and streets in Shymkent is one of the longest in Kazakhstan, the total length of which before the accession of the new territories was 1034 km; taking into account the annexed lands, the total length of all roads of the city is 2810 km.

It is also worth noting that the transcontinental road corridor "Western Europe – Western China" runs along Shymkent.

In addition, there is a large transport and logistics center in Shymkent, providing infrastructure for storage, processing and consolidation of goods and their customs clearance-an extremely relevant project for South Kazakhstan and Shymkent itself, meeting the growing needs of the region in the infrastructure for the processing of commodity flows and reducing the shortage of storage facilities in the region.

International bus station "Tau Samal»
map-icon Shymkent, Ryskulov str., 162
phone-icon +7 (7252) 451-241

Railway transport

Length of roads: km.

At the moment there is one railway station in Shymkent, but the city development plan includes the construction of a new station. Now from Shymkent station you can go to the capital of Kazakhstan, as well as to Almaty, Karaganda, Kokshetau, Petropavlovsk, Turkestan and other cities. From foreign cities you can reach Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tashkent, Yekaterinburg, Bishkek, Saratov, Samarkand.

Train station «Shymkent»
map-icon Shymkent, street Tole bi Anarov, b/n, ug. he. Kabanbay Batyr
phone-icon +7 (7252) 95 21 20

Air transport

Shymkent airport is an international airport that accepts all types of aircraft without restrictions. Working around the clock, it fully provides customs, border and sanitary quarantine control. There is a certificate of conformity of QMS to the requirements of international standards ISO 9001: 2008 and a certificate of a single international standard IQNet. 

The successful location at the crossroads of transport flows from Europe to South-East Asia, the Middle and Far East makes it very profitable to perform both direct and transit flights, located 100 km from Tashkent, 450 km from Bishkek, 700 km from Almaty at the intersection of international air routes R482, B142, B114, P206, B30. 

The airport is served by many airlines operating regular passenger flights related to the countries of far and near abroad, including: "air Astana", "scat", "Transaero", "FLYDibai", "BEKAIR", "S7". 

From Shymkent airport there are regular flights to all regional centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as to the cities of the CIS, far and near abroad: Moscow, Novosibirsk, Istanbul, Antalya, Urumqi, Dubai.. 

In 2018, Shymkent airport served 817 thousand 73 passengers and handled 2 thousand 830 tons of cargo. 

As of 2019 the airport serves the following airlines:  



Air Astana

Almaty, Nur Sultan



Bek Air

Aktau, Atyrau, Nur-Sultan


Almaty, Nur Sultan

Qazaq Air

Aktobe, Almaty, Nur-Sultan

S7 Airlines



Aktau, Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Petropavlovsk, Moscow-Vnukovo, Istanbul

Sunday Airlines

Antalya, Phuket

Ural Airlines




International airport «Shymkent»
map-icon 12 km North-West of Shymkent city center
phone-icon +7 (7252) 45-50-31

Energy infrastructure and heat supply

Shymkent's demand for electricity in summer is 70-85 MW, in winter-80-135 MW, the city does not experience a shortage of electricity. The main sources of electricity are: JSC "3-Energoortalyk" (21 %), JSC " Zhambyl GRES "(42 %), LLP "Ekibastuz GRES-1" (33 %) and JSC "shardarinskaya HES" (4%). The length of power lines is 1956 km.

Shymkent is provided with centralized (40 %) and decentralized heat supply systems dispersed throughout the city (60 %). The city has a developed system of heat networks in the area of the largest heat sources.


Length of gas pipeline networks: 1569.1.

Coverage of the population with gas supply is 80.5 %.

Tariffs for industrial and communal services

Name of the service



for individuals: for 1 kW/hour – 13.08 tenge

for legal entities: for 1 kW/hour – 22.61 tenge

Thermal energy

for individuals: 1 Gcal – 4384,18,88 tenge

for legal entities: 1 Gcal – 9550,13 tenge (without metering device) 1 Gcal - 20875,9 tenge (with metering devices)


for individuals: for 1 m3 – 75.62 tenge

for legal entities: for 1 m3 – 268.36 tenge


for individuals: for 1 m3 – 28.9 tenge

for legal entities: for 1 m3 – 31,9 tenge

Water disposal

for individuals: for 1 m3 – 31.37 tenge

for legal entities: for 1 m3 – 136.82 tenge

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