Success Stories

«Asia Trafo» LLP

Asia Trafo LLP is the largest plant in Central Asia for the production of transformer equipment, which is part of the leading Kazakh manufacturer of electrical equipment "Alageum Electric". The main products of the plant are power oil transformers and autotransformers of voltage class 110, 220, 500 kV with capacity up to 500 MVA, as well as reactors. The design capacity of the plant is over 12,000 MVA per year.
Advanced and environmentally friendly technologies have been introduced into production, many of which have recently been applied by world manufacturers. The newest production management system is installed on the basis of modern software and experience of world leaders of mechanical engineering, starting from the development of design documentation and ending with the shipment and maintenance of manufactured products.
Electronic document management and visualization allow us to monitor the production cycle of each transformer, from the receipt of the application to its condition during the entire period of operation at the end user. To create comfortable and safe working conditions at the enterprise the newest system of service of business processes is developed and implemented. Comfortable created a unique social conditions for workers: modern dining room, recreation areas, comfortable dressing rooms, conference hall and sports hall on site there is a hostel in the new type of modern layout and Park area.
When designing transformers LLP "Asia Trafo" uses modern software development group of Ukrainian developers "Soft-Team Group" formed on the basis of the Institute of world fame "all-Union Institute of transformer". This software is based on the developments of leading specialists of transformer construction all over the world, it takes into account aspects of 100 years of world experience in the design and operation of transformers.

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