Success Stories

LLP «Standart Cement»

Standart Cement plant is one of the largest and capital-intensive projects in the South Kazakhstan region. The plant meets all norms and standards of quality and safety. The work here is carried out on a new technology that allows the company to be fully considered environmentally friendly production.
The design capacity of the enterprise - 1 million tons of cement grades M400, M500 per year. The features of the STANDARD CEMENT plant are low energy costs, which can significantly reduce the cost of cement. Another important point is environmental. Dust collectors are installed throughout the plant, which guarantee complete absence of harm to the environment.
The STANDARD CEMENT plant was built within the framework of the state program of forced industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014. Founder-LLP "Financial and trade industrial Corporation "Ontustik".
Construction of LLP "Standard Cement" began in 2006, and in 2010 the plant was successfully put into operation.
Today, the Standard Cement plant is the only enterprise in Kazakhstan, which is engaged in the production of cement "dry way". In the world of such productions no more than twenty.

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